Image Catalog – 2012

Image Catalog – 2012Yucca schdigera Apple ValleyJoshua Trees, Hesperia, Ca.Chaotic Heart, Apple ValleyFull Moon, Mormon RocksBighorn Mine, Mt Baden-PowellCactus, VictorvilleCandelabra, Mormon RocksBarstow Syncline, Rainbow BasinMormon RocksJoshua Tree, HesperiaOwl CanyonMormon RocksRainbow BasinRainboiw BasinRainbow BasinEvery Moment, Rainbow BasinRainbow BasinJoshua TreesMt. Baden-PowellAlter – VictorvilleSummit ValleyRainbow BasinWest Fork, Mojave RiverSummit ValleyVictorvilleChief IndioOwl CanyonLocal Dragon – Rainbow BasinLower Narrows – Mojave RiverPhotographer –... Read More »

Image Catalog – 2015

Image Catalog – 2015Bottle Tree RanchCajon SummitSawtoothHinkleyWest Fork, Mojave RiverNelson, NevadaCajon PassAbandoned QuarryLucerne Dry LakeTechatticup Mine, Nelson, Nv.Rabbit Springs, Lucerne ValleySawtoothWagon Road, Phelan, Ca.Sycamore Trees, Summit ValleyDirt Road, Victor ValleyWest Fork, Mojave RiverBarstow Viaduct & Casa del DesiertoLucerne Valley, Ca.Intermodal Facility, Barstow, Ca.West Fork, Mojave RiverSoda SpringsBighorn SheepBrown’s Toll Road, Cajon PassLucerne ValleyMormon Rocksi-15 Fwy., Cajon PassCajon JunctionMormon... Read More »


Test again One more... Read More »


Across the Mojave – map development Collect old maps Connect maps Trace trail Map detail at 100% view Trail becomes corridor about 1/4 mile wide Topographic data may indicate more accurate information as to where the trail ran. This map made nearly twenty years after the previous map provides more detail at a larger scale. ... Read More »

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Bickel Camp Photos

Bickel Camp – El Paso Mountains... Read More »

Techatticup Mine

Techatticup Mine – Nelson, Nevada [huge_it_gallery... Read More »

The Great Indian Fight at Little Bear Valley

The Indian troubles in San Bernardino County during the 1860s were not indigenous to a certain area. They were merely responses to a situation caused by the white man himself, as he gradually usurped — in Indian eyes — the new continent. At first the Indians lost with resentment, then smoldering rage as the newcomers... Read More »

Vasquez the Bandito

In the early seventies, while the Southern Pacific Railway was building from San Francisco to San José, some twelve or fifteen bandits, carousing at a country dance in the Mexican settlement, Panamá (about six miles south of Bakersfield) planned to cross the mountains and hold up the pay-car. They were unsuccessful; whereupon, they turned their... Read More »

Mojave River – Journal of Jedediah Smith

Map showing Smith’s routes across the Victor Valley in 1826 and 1827 Source: Mojave River – Journal of Jedediah... Read More »

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