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Mojave River – Journal of Jedediah Smith

Map showing Smith’s routes across the Victor Valley in 1826 and 1827

The next day W S W 8 or 10 miles across a plain and entered the dry Bed of a River on each side high hills. Pursuing my course along the valley of this river 8 or 9 miles I encamped. In the channel of the river I occasionally found water. It runs from west to east alternately running on the surface and disappearing entirely in the sands of its bed leaving them for miles entirely dry. Near the place where I entered its Bed it seemed to finally lose itself in the plain.* (* It is perhaps reasonable to suppose that the Salt Plain has been formed by the waters of this river overflowing the level country in its freshets and in the dry season sinking in the sand and Leaving a deposit of salt on the surface. The waters of the River at this place are sufficiently salt to justify this conclusion.) At this time my provision was nearly exhausted although I thought I had provided enough to last me 10 or 12 days. But men accustomed to living on meat and at the same time traveling hard will eat a surprising quantity of corn and beans which at this time constituted our principal subsistence. One of my guides said he knew where his people had a cache of some provision and the next day as I traveled on he went with one of the men to procure some at night they returned bringing something that resembled in appearance loaves of bread weighing each 8 or 10 pounds. It was so hard that an ax was required to break it and in taste resembled sugar candy. It was no doubt sugar but in that imperfect form in which it is found among nations to which the art of granulation is unknown. On inquiry I found it was made from the cane grass which I have before spoken of on Adams River and the same of which the Amuchabas make their arrows. For three days nothing material occurred Our course was up the river which sometimes run in sight and then for miles disappeared in the sands. In places I found grass and the sugar cane and in some places small cottonwood. I also saw the tracks of horses that had been here during the summer. My guides Belonged to a tribe of Indians residing in the vicinity called the Wanyumas.  Not numerous for this barren country could not support them. At this place was some sign of antelope and mountain sheep Mr. Rogers killed an antelope which tasted quite strong of wormwood. On the 4th night from the salt plain an Amuchaba Indian that had come this far with me disappeared. I suppose he had become tired of the journey and returned. My guides had expected to find their families here but were disappointed. The next day still following the course of the River which had a strong current in places 20 yds in width and in others entirely disappeared in the sands. After a long days travel I arrived late at a Wanyuma lodge. Close by were 2 or three families of the same tribe. Here I remained the following day and in the mean time was well treated by these Indians. They gave us such food as they had consisting of a kind of mush made of acorns and pine nut bread made of a small berry. This bread in appearance was like corn bread but in taste much sweeter. As there were in the neighborhood a plenty of hares the Indians said they must give us a feast. Several went out for this purpose with a net 80 or 100 yards long.  Arriving at a place where they knew them to be plenty the net was extended among the wormwood. then divided on each wing they moved in such direction as to force the frightened game to the net where they were taken while entangled in its meshes. Being out but a short time they brought in 2 or three dozen a part of which they gave me.  Seeing some tracks of antelope Mr. Rogers and myself went out and killed two. In this vicinity there are some groves of cottonwood and in places sugar cane and grass. On the following day after making the Indians some presents I moved on keeping a right hand fork my course nearly S W passing out at the head of this creek and over a ridge I entered a ravine running S W I proceeded down it nearly to where it entered some high hills which were apparently covered with pine. At this place I encamped. In the course of the days I passed hills covered with a scattering growth of bastard cedar and bushy oak. Some antelopes were seen in the course of the day and the tracks of bear and black-tailed deer.

Source: Mojave River – Journal of Jedediah Smith

Mojave Desert Points of Interest

17 Mile Point
20 Mule Team Canyon
29 Palms
49 Palms Oasis

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Afton Canyon
Aguereberry Camp
Aguereberry Point
Alabama Hills
Amargosa Desert
Amargosa Mine
Amargosa River
Amboy Crater
Anderson Dry Lake
Angeles National Forest
Angeles National Forest Campgrounds (List)
Antelope Valley
Antelope Valley Indian Museum
Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve
Anvil Spring
Apple Valley
Arbuckle Mine
Arch Rock (White Tank Arch)
Arrowhead Pinnacles
Artist’s Palette
Ashford Mill
Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge

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Badwater Spring*
Bagdad Cemetery
Baker, CA
Baldy Mesa*
Baldwin Mill
Ballarat Cemetery
Ball Flat*
Barker Dam
Barstow, CA
Barstow Area*
Beatty, NV
Bell Mountain
Bell Mountain Views*
Bennett’s Long Camp
Bickel Camp
Big Bear, CA
Big Bear Dam
Big Bear Lake
Big Dune, Nv
Bighorn Mine
Big Morongo Canyon
Big Pine, CA
Big Rock Creek
Big Rock Creek*
Bishop, CA
Black Hawk Gold Mine And Mill
Black Hawk Landslide
Black Rock Canyon
Blue Cut
Blue Ridge Campground
Bodie Ghost Town
Bonanza King Mill
Bonanza King Mine
Bonnie Clare Dry Lake
Bonnie Keebler-Harris Grave
Boron, CA
Boron Cemetery
Boundary Cone
Box S Ranch
Bristlecone Pine Forest
Bristol Dry Lake
Broadwell Dry Lake
Burro Schmidt Cabin
Burro Schmidt Tunnel
Butte Valley

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Cadiz, CA
Cadiz Dunes
Cadiz Summit
Cajon Pass
Calico Cemetery
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California City
Camp Cady
Camp Marl Springs
Camp Rock Spring
Cap Rock
Cartago, CA
Casa Del Desierto
Castles in the Clay
Cement Boat
Cerro Gordo Cemetery
Cerro Gordo Ghost Town
Champion Lodgepole Pine
Chief Tecopa’s House
Children’s Forest
Chimney Rock
China Ranch
Chloride, AZ
Chloride Cliff
Cholla Garden
Cima Dome
Cima Ghost Town
Cinder Cones
Colorado Desert
Colorado Desert (Joshua Tree NP)
Colorado River
Colorado River (Historic Route 66)*
Colorado River (Lower)
Colorado River (Upper)
Communities (List)
Convict Lake
Cottonwood Kilns
Cottonwood Spring
Conn-Trudo Borax Works
Cougar Buttes
Coyote Dry Lake
Crystal Springs
Cudahy Ghost Town

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Daggett, CA
Daggett Ditch
Daggett Garage
Dante’s View
Dante’s View*
Dale Dry Lake
Dam Keeper’s House
Darwin Falls
Darwin Ghost Town
Dawson Saddle
Deadman’s Point
Death Valley
Death Valley Junction, CA
Death Valley Mine
Death Valley National Park
Death Valley Ranch
Death Valley Sand Dunes
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Desert Megaphone
Desert Queen Mine
Desert Queen Ranch
Devil’s Cornfield
Devil’s Golfcourse
Devil’s Playground
Devil’s Punchbowl
Devil’s Punchbowl (Arches)
Dirty Sock Springs
Discovery Center
Doble Cemetery
Doble Town Site
Dolomite Ghost Town
Dry Lakes (List)
Dublin Gulch
Dumont Dunes
Dutch Cleanser Mine

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Eagle Cliff Mine
East Mojave Desert
Eagle Borax Works
El Mirage Dry Lake
El Paso Mountains
Emerson Dry Lake
Emigrant Pass
Eureka Dunes
Eureka Mine
Eureka Peak
Evening Star Mine

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Father Crowley Point
Fork In The Road
Fort Mohave*
Fort Paiute
Fort Tejon
Fossil Falls
Fossil Shell Layers
Fossil Trackways
Fried Liver Wash
Furnace Creek

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Galway Dry Lake
Garces Harvey House
Garlock Ghost Town
Garlock Ghost Town
Geologist’s Cabin
Geology Tour Road
Gobar’s Dairy
Golden Canyon
Gold Hammer Mine
Goldstone Ghost Town
Goler Gulch Ghost Town
Goodsprings, Nevada
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Caverns
Grapevine Canyon
Grassy Hollow
Grimshaw Riparian Area
Guffy Campground

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Halloran Springs
Hangman’s Tree
Harmony Borax Works
Harper Dry Lake
Havasu Wildlife Refuge
Helendale Bluffs
Hercules Finger
Hesperia Lake
Hidden Valley
Hilltop House
Holcomb Valley Cabin
Holly Mine
Hoover Dam
Hualapai Mountain Park
Hunter Cabin

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Ibex Dunes
Ibex Ghost Town
Ibex Springs
Immigrant Point
Impassable pass
Indian Cove
Inspiration Point

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Jackson Lake
Johannesburg Cemetery
Johnson Valley OHV
Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree Area
Joshua Tree, CA
Joshua Tree National Park
Jubilee Pass
Jumbo Rocks

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Keane Spring
Keane Wonder Mill
Keane Wonder Mine
Keane Wonder Tram
Keebler-Harris, Bonnie – Grave Site Keeler Cemetery
Keeler Ghost Town
Keeler Smelter
Keller Peak Lookout
Kelso Depot (Station)
Kelso Dunes
Kelso Station*
Kelso Ghost Town*
Key’s View
Koehn Dry Lake
Kramer Junction

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Lake Adelaide
Lake Arrowhead
Lake Elizabeth
Lake Gregory
Lake Manly
Lake Mead
Lake Silverwood
Lamel Spring
Last Chance Canyon
Lava Arch
Lava Tube (Mojave Preserve)
Lava Tube (Pisgah)
Leadfield Ghost Town
Lee Flat
Lester Dale Mine
Limber Pine Forest
Little Lake
Little Rock
Little Rock Reservoir
Lippencott Mine
Lone Pine, CA
Las Flores Ranch
Lost Burro Mine
Lost Horse Mine
Lost Lake
Lost Palms Oasis
Lucerne Dry Lake*
Lucerne Earthquake Cracks
Lucerne Valley
Lucerne Valley Ca
Lucerne Valley Museum*
Ludlow Cemetery
Ludlow (Route 66)

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Marble Canyon
Mariposa Grove
Marl Springs
Mastodon Mine
Mastodon Peak
Maverick Stadium*
Means Sand Dunes*
Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes
Mesquite Springs
Mitchell Caverns
Mission San Gabriel
Mission Well
Mojave, CA
Mojave Desert (Joshua Tree NP)
Mojave National Preserve
Mojave River
Mojave River Fish Hatchery*
Mojave River Narrows *
Mojave River Narrows – Regional Park –
Mono Lake
Moorehouse Mine
Moorten’s Mill
Mormon Rocks
Mosaic Canyon
Mountain Meadows, Utah
Mt. Baden-Powell
Mt. Baden-Powell Summit
Mt. Charleston
Mud Hills
Mustard Canyon
Mystic Maze

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Natural Bridge
Needles, CA
Needle’s Eye (Echo Canyon Arch)
Newberry Springs
New Dale
Noonday Mine Town Site
Northeast Mojave Desert

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Oasis of Mara
Oasis of Mara
Oatman, Az
Ocotillo Patch
O.K. Mine
Olancha Dunes
Old Dale Ghost Town
Old Dominion Mine
Old Dutch Cleanser Mine
Old Spanish Trail
Old Tecopa
Old Town Victorville
Old Woman Springs
Oro Grande
Oro Grande Cemetery
Owens Valley
Owl Canyon
Owl Hole Spring

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Padre Crowley Point
Pahrump, NV
Palmdale, CA
Panamint Valley
Panamint Valley Overlook
Peace Rock
Pinto Basin Junction
Pilot Rock
Pioneer Point
Pisgah Crater
Point of Rocks
Poppy Reserve
Porcupine Wash
Post Office Spring
Providence Ghost Town
Providence Mountains

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Rabbit Springs
Racetrack Playa
Ragtown Ghost Town
Rainbow Basin
Rainbow Basin
Rainbow Bridge
Randsburg Ghost Town
Red Mountain
Red Rock Canyon (CA)
Red Rock Canyon (NV)
Reeves Dry Lake
Rhyolite Ghost Town
Ridgecrest, CA
Ripley Desert Woodland
Robber’s Roost
Ruth Mine

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Saddleback Butte
Saddleback Butte
Saline Valley
Saline Valley Salt Tram
Saline Valley Salt Works
Saline Valley Sand Dunes
Salsberry Pass
Salt Creek
San Bernardino
San Bernardino National Forest
San Gabriel (Mission)
Saratoga Springs
Scotty’s Castle
Searchlight Cemetery
Searchlight, NV
Searles Dry Lake
Searles Valley
Shaman’s Eye
Shorty’s Grave
Shorty’s Well
Shoshone, CA
Shoshone Cemetery
Silurian Dry Lake
Silver Bell Mine
Silver Lake
Silver Lake Rock Cairns
Silver Lakes
Silverwood Campground
Silverwood Lake
Skull Rock
Sleeping Beauty Mountain
Smoketree Wash
Socialist Colony Ruins
Soda Lake
Soggy Dry Lake
South Mojave Desert
Spanish Arrastre
Split Rock
Spring Valley
St. George, Utah
Stagecoach Station
Stedman Ghost Town
Stoddard Mountain
Stone Hotel
Stovepipe Wells
Striped Butte
Summit Valley
Superior Dry Lake (central)
Superior Dry Lake (east)
Swansea Ghost Town
Sycamore Grove

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Table Mountain Campground
Table Mountain Ski Lodge
Table Mountain Ski Lodge
Teakettle Junction
Tecopa, CA
Tecopa Hot Springs
Tehachapi, CA
Tehachapi Loop
Telescope Peak
Temple Bar
Teutonia Peak
Titus Canyon
Tomo Kahni
Topock Gorge
Topock Marsh
Trilobite Site
Trona Area *
Trona, CA
Trona Pinnacles
Tropico Gold Mine
Turkey Flats
Twenty Mule Team Canyon
Twenty Mule Team Museum*

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Ubehebe Crater

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Valley of Fire
Vasquez Rocks
Victor Valley
Victorville, CA
Virgin River
Virginia Dale Mine
Vincent Gap
Vincent’s Cabin

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Walker Pass
Wall Street Mill
War Eagle Mine
Warm Springs Camp
Warm Springs Talc Mine
Warm Springs (Saline Valley)
Wild Pool Hot Springs
White Tank Arch (Arch Rock)
Wildrose Kilns
Willow Beach
Winona Mill
Wrightwood, Ca. (offsite link)

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X Marks the Spot

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Yosemite National Park *
Yosemite Valley *
Yucca Rings ACEC
Yucca Valley, CA

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Zabriskie Point
Zion National Park


Indian Queho Part III

The sheriff and his posse of miscreants figured Queho to be as stupid as he was lame.  It wouldn’t take them long to drag this whelp to justice and have him hanged. Something they didn’t count on though, was that Queho was an Indian, and the Indians all seemed to know each other.

I think Queho gave the stolen horse to a friend that led the posse all over the countryside.   First one way, then the other.  The law had no luck in tracking him down.

There were some more murders; brutal ones, death by pickaxe, by beating, by knife.  Another posse was sent out.  After a few days it was discovered that the Indians in the crew would slip away in the mornings and send smoke signals to reveal their location to Queho.

Queho remained at large.

More killings, more Queho sightings.  Kids were scared to death by the stories their parents would tell of the boogie-man, Queho. He would get them if they weren’t careful.

It seemed though, Queho didn’t hate all white men entirely.  One gentleman offered to share a sandwich with Queho when they ran across each other at a small, shady spring. In turn, Queho offered him a dead rat, a perfectly acceptable portion in a well-balanced Indian meal.  The man refused, but Queho was grateful for the offering and didn’t kill him.


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Division 1

Cottonwoods near Mojave River at Bryman (Helendale Bluffs)

1) Cottonwoods near Mojave River at Bryman (Helendale Bluffs)

Helendale Bluffs #1

2) Helendale Bluffs Sunrise #1

Helendale Bluffs #2

3) Helendale Bluffs Dawn #2

 Rainbow off 395 - Adelanto

4) Rainbow off 395 – near Shadow Mountain Road

Division 2

Sunset & Candy - Joshua Tree*

1) Sunset & Candy –
Joshua Tree*

2) Cougar Buttes – Lucerne Valley

Every Moment - Rainbow Basin near Barstow

3) Rainbow Basin near Barstow

Division 3

West Fork, Mojave River Bluffs

1) West Fork, Mojave River Bluffs #1 – Summit Valley

West Fork Mojave River Bluffs #2 - Summit Valley

2) West Fork Mojave River Bluffs #2 – Summit Valley

Sunrise, Juniper Woodland - Summit Valley

3) Sunrise, Juniper Woodland – Summit Valley

Summit Valley from Highway 173 Viewpoint

4) Summit Valley from Highway 173 Viewpoint

Las Flores Ranch

5) Las Flores Ranch

Division – 4

Upper Mojave River Narrows - Victorville

1) Upper Mojave River Narrows – Victorville

Verde/Kemper Campbell Ranch view toward Spring Valley Lake - Victorville

2) Verde/Kemper-Campbell Ranch view toward Spring Valley Lake – Victorville

Division 5

View of easterly Apple Valley from Bass Hill

1) Misty March Morning – View of easterly Apple Valley from Bass Hill at Sunrise

Bell Mountain from southeast

2) Bell Mountain from southeast

View from southern Apple Valley toward northeast

3) View from southern Apple Valley toward northeast

Division 6

Lower Mojave River Narrows - Victorville

1) Lower Mojave River Narrows – Victorville

Cottonwood Forest - Mojave River at Oro Grande

2) Cottonwood Forest – Mojave River at Oro Grande

Stoddard Mountain as viewed from near I-15

3) Stoddard Mountain as viewed from near I-15

Division 7

View from I Ave/Lemon - Hesperia

1) View from I Ave/Lemon – Hesperia

Predawn, Escondido, Hesperia

2) Predawn, Escondido, Hesperia

Antelope Valley Wash/Ranchero - Hesperia

3) Antelope Valley Wash/Ranchero – Hesperia

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Local History — A 30 Second Story — Silverwood

Silverwood LakeThis is Silverwood Lake. It is named after some guy named Silverwood rather than the silver wood that grows around the lake and Summit Valley. Before they could have the lake there had to be the dam. The dam in this picture is Cedar Springs Dam. Before the dam there was Cedar Springs. It was a small town. It was flooded to make the lake. Everyone moved out first. Some other stuff happened here before that.

The end.

A Photo Tip

Power lines, not being all that aesthetic, can really mess up a pretty, scenic shot. Not much can be done about them, but if you are under them, they more or less cease to be an issue, and the maintenance roads in the right-of-way can lead to many other opportunities.