Mojave River – Journal of Jedediah Smith

The next day W S W 8 or 10 miles across a plain and entered the dry Bed of a River on each side high hills. Pursuing my course along the valley of this river 8 or 9 miles I encamped. In the channel of the river I occasionally found water. It runs from west... Read More »

A Windy City — Barstow

Letters from the Editor: Just received this communique from my good friend, “Peg Leg, One-eyed, Three Fingered, One-armed, Noseless, Barefoot Jack” Afton. “Once I was up near Barstow a bit after sunset and it was getting pretty dark so I decided I better head home. I will tell you, it was as windy as I... Read More »

Lake Thompson

Lake Thompson, an extinct lake that filled part of Antelope Valley during the Quaternary (1.8 to .126 Ma).  Rogers and Rosamond dry lakes occupy parts of the ancient bed of Lake... Read More »


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division – 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division... Read More »

New Image Gallery

Just testing it out. 🙂 Trains [huge_it_gallery... Read More »

Back when Life was a Real Piece of Cake

Oatman, Az. 2004A future, old photograph of a living ghost town. Oatman, Arizona Olive... Read More »

Local History — A 30 Second Story — Silverwood

This is Silverwood Lake. It is named after some guy named Silverwood rather than the silver wood that grows around the lake and Summit Valley. Before they could have the lake there had to be the dam. The dam in this picture is Cedar Springs Dam. Before the dam there was Cedar Springs. It was... Read More »

A Photo Tip

Power lines, not being all that aesthetic, can really mess up a pretty, scenic shot. Not much can be done about them, but if you are under them, they more or less cease to be an issue, and the maintenance roads in the right-of-way can lead to many other... Read More »

Pilot Rock – San Bernardino Mountain Range

Pilot Rock, Pilot Knob–I’m certain there is some kind of argument going on for what the proper name is; but the operative word is ‘Pilot.’ I’ve seen this peak from the highlands way out in the desert, however, it comes plainly into view along the Mojave River southwest of Barstow. Pioneers along the Old Spanish... Read More »

August Updates

Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad The Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad (T&T) operated between 1905 and 1938 servicing mines and communities along a route which extended north from Ludlow, California…... Read More »

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