Sunrise in the Valley of Death (International Adventures)


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Sunrise in the Valley of Death (International Adventures)

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Ever since you started Christianizing Muslims, you have walked a dangerous path! Today we burned your car and part of your house. Tomorrow we will surely burn you and your family if you don t immediately stop trying to convert people. Just leave! Leaving Western culture and their German home far behind, Amiira Ann and her husband, Chris, responded to the prompting of God to move to one of the most thoroughly Muslim cultures on earth, Yemen. The 9/11 attacks in the United States created the dangerous backdrop for reaching out to their Yemeni hosts with the love of Christ. With a commitment to work in relief and development, they would find, despite the threat of death, that their hearts would be forever knit together with this people so different from themselves. Amiira Ann will take you on a rare and personal journey into Muslim life in Yemen. Amiira Ann and her family lived in Yemen for seven years, working in aid and development. Integrating themselves deeply into the culture, they established a credible Christian witness through their work and personal lives. —

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