The Future

Zosh was ready to make his first transporter trip. Was to go very far away very fast–very, very fast. Faster than light–much faster–instantaneous.

The technology had been perfected in the labs, and the government used it heavily throughout its development. Zosh was very excited.

Essentially, the transporter would disassemble every molecule, atom, and particle of the traveler and send the information to the destination. Every particle, atom, and molecule would then be reassembled, and there you were. The trick was reaching through a space/timeless hole wherein there was no such thing as distance. Metaphysics! A wonderful thing.

However, Zosh wondered if he were taken apart, scanned, sent away, and rebuilt, would it be a different Zosh? He meant, would his soul go with the package? Would he live a soulless existence and most likely not go to Heaven when he passed on?

This would probably remain a mystery until then because nobody that had been transported ever came back. A back-transporter had not yet been invented.

Zosh would have to take his chances–so he did.

the end.