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Local History — A 30 Second Story — Silverwood

This is Silverwood Lake. It is named after some guy named Silverwood rather than the silver wood that grows around the lake and Summit Valley. Before they could have the lake there had to be the dam. The dam in this picture is Cedar Springs Dam. Before the dam there was Cedar Springs. It was... Read More »

Lizard Love

“… Then I walked out of the bar room Couldn’t even turn around I guess I know what they were going to do I knew what was going down It’s not a long way from the dance floor to the dark of the parking lot It’s kinda like love but it’s not.” ~ Kinda Like... Read More »

1917 Summit Valley History

From a hand written copy on file at the Victor Valley College Library – Author Unknown More than 30 years ago the green grass and running water of Summit Valley attracted the white people who later became the first settlers here. Mr. Houghton  took up a Government claim, the plan now included in the Las... Read More »

Cedar Springs – August 1964

A field trip report by Gladys Steorts The day was hot. There were only five of us who showed up for the trip. We met at Carl Cambridge’s Museum on Bear Valley Road in Apple Valley in about 9:30 AM and left via Deep Creek Road to Rock Springs Road and across the river to... Read More »

A Story of Four Indian Boys

One day a wagon train rolled in off the desert to San Bernardino. On this wagon train there were four sick and hungry Paiute Indian boys. Each one of these boys was placed with separate families in San Bernardino, and each one of the boys, living in a good Mormon home, got better. One boy... Read More »