True Stories, Legends, Tall Tales

Cajon Divide

The American Desert
Resting Springs
Massacres at the Amargosa Mine
The First Timbisha
Fort Piute

Cave of the Golden Sands
Obsidian Flake
Ode to Barstow

Mail Dog
Desert Death
Hanged Twice
The Race
The Origin of People
Walking the Indian Trail
Soda Lake
Newberry Springs
Twin Trees
The Story of Convict Lake
Wyatt Earp – Potash Wars
The Burial of Johnny Lang
Ballarat Jail
Charles Brown at Greenwater
Sagebrush Inn: Route 66
Lovejoy Springs
The Llano Del Rio Colony
The End of Vasquez
Indian Queho
Mono Lake
Titus Canyon
The Prospector

Tempest in Silver
John Lemoigne
Indian George

Shootout at Government Holes
Pioneer Days in Kern County
Battle at Wingate Pass
Death Valley Scotty Special
A Visit with Death Valley Scotty
Ladies Club Luncheon
Stupid Horse

Rhyolite & the Bullfrog Gold
Shorty’s Grubstake
Out to Lunch

Dancing Skeletons
Lost Breyfogel
Hesperia – Emily
The Wind
Tom Vincent
The Stoddard Boys
History of Lucerne Valley
The First Bridge at the Narrows
10 Commendments [sic]
Where are They Now?
Ideas that didn’t Work
Ghost Train: Tall Tale
Stagecoach Tips
Flying Saucers
Egg Business
The Inventor’s Fate

Hi Vista Church
Apple Valley Dinosaurs

September 1883, Cajon Pass

Walters’ Store
The Walters Family
1917 Summit Valley
Four Indian Boys
Summit Valley Massacre
A Grizzly Death (Isaac Slover)

Huntington’s Station
‘Billy Goat’ Thompson

Railroads come to Goldfield

Before Time Began
The Snake and the Frog

Team Work
Mormon Fort, Las Vegas

The Father of San Bernardino County
Bob Reynolds

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