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Sunset & Candy

Photos by Walter Feller for Sale BUY NOW – 5″x7″ BUY NOW – 8″x12″ Sunset & Candy – Joshua Tree* All images mounted on ivory mat and signed by the photographer on... Read More »

Image Catalog – 2012

Image Catalog – 2012Yucca schdigera Apple ValleyJoshua Trees, Hesperia, Ca.Chaotic Heart, Apple ValleyFull Moon, Mormon RocksBighorn Mine, Mt Baden-PowellCactus, VictorvilleCandelabra, Mormon RocksBarstow Syncline, Rainbow BasinMormon RocksJoshua Tree, HesperiaOwl CanyonMormon RocksRainbow BasinRainboiw BasinRainbow BasinEvery Moment, Rainbow BasinRainbow BasinJoshua TreesMt. Baden-PowellAlter – VictorvilleSummit ValleyRainbow BasinWest Fork, Mojave RiverSummit ValleyVictorvilleChief IndioOwl CanyonLocal Dragon – Rainbow BasinLower Narrows – Mojave RiverPhotographer –... Read More »

Image Catalog – 2015

Image Catalog – 2015Bottle Tree RanchCajon SummitSawtoothHinkleyWest Fork, Mojave RiverNelson, NevadaCajon PassAbandoned QuarryLucerne Dry LakeTechatticup Mine, Nelson, Nv.Rabbit Springs, Lucerne ValleySawtoothWagon Road, Phelan, Ca.Sycamore Trees, Summit ValleyDirt Road, Victor ValleyWest Fork, Mojave RiverBarstow Viaduct & Casa del DesiertoLucerne Valley, Ca.Intermodal Facility, Barstow, Ca.West Fork, Mojave RiverSoda SpringsBighorn SheepBrown’s Toll Road, Cajon PassLucerne ValleyMormon Rocksi-15 Fwy., Cajon PassCajon JunctionMormon... Read More »


Test again One more... Read More »


Across the Mojave – map development Collect old maps Connect maps Trace trail Map detail at 100% view Trail becomes corridor about 1/4 mile wide Topographic data may indicate more accurate information as to where the trail ran. This map made nearly twenty years after the previous map provides more detail at a larger scale. ... Read More »

Tulare Lake – Vanished

Many folks interested in Mojave Desert history are aware that in 1776, Francisco Tomás Hermenegildo Garcés was the first non-native American to cross the Mojave from the Mojave Indian villages near Needles at the Colorado River to the Mission San Gabriel near Los Angeles, California.  Trapper and explorer Jedediah Smith also crossed the Mojave in... Read More »

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The Salt Cave

“These Indians are Pa utch but not as wild as those above the Mt. their women and children did not run off. I saw at their Lodges a large cake of rock salt weighting 12 or 15 lbs and on enquiry found that they procured it a cave not far distant.” Journal of Jedediah Smith... Read More »


In 1839, Cucamonga Rancho was granted by Gov. Juan B. Alvarado to Tiburcio Tapia, a prominent businessman in Los Angeles, serving just then as alcalde there. like old Don Antonio Maria Lugo, Tapia was a native born Californian and had been a corporal in the Presidio in Santa Barbara. During the Indian revolt in 1824... Read More »

Luncheon at the Ladies Club

And Scotty went on soliloquizing: “I was down in San Berdo the other day, and a man got me into one of them women’s afternoon fandangos;  you know, one of them afternoon affairs where they all talk and don’t say nothing.  And a “fly-up-the-creek” woman came up, all “a side-winding,” and said: ‘Now Mr. Scott,... Read More »