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To the uninitiated there is something rather uncertain about the reasons why a person will take time to view a location or an artifact. Ask the visitor why they make the trek or handle an object. The  response may take the form of a smile, and perhaps the timeworn cliché ” because it was there.” ... Read More »

May 3, 2016 Updates MojaveDesert.Net

Desert Fever http://mojavedesert.net/desert-fever/ http://mojavedesert.net/desert-fever/san-bernardino-county.html San Bernardino Co. http://mojavedesert.net/desert-fever/inyo-county.html Inyo Co. http://mojavedesert.net/desert-fever/kern-county.html Kern Co. Desert Habitats http://mojavedesert.net/desert-habitats/joshua-tree.html Joshua Tree Woodland http://mojavedesert.net/desert-habitats/pinyon-juniper.html Pinyon-juniper Woodland http://mojavedesert.net/desert-habitats/palm-oasis.html Palm Oasis... Read More »

April 2016 Updates and New Pages: MojaveDesert.Net

New – Romantic Heritage of the Mojave River Valley http://mojavedesert.net/books/mojave-river-valley/ New – Romantic Heritage of the Upper Mojave Desert http://mojavedesert.net/books/upper-mojave/ Update – Ridgecrest, Ca. http://digital-desert.com/ridgecrest-ca/ Update – Mormon Rocks (Cajon Pass) http://digital-desert.com/mormon-rocks/ Update – Barstow, Ca.... Read More »

Glossary Update – Flash Flood

Definition of Flash... Read More »

Cream Cups – Wildflowers

Update to cream cup in the wildflower guide: Flowering early-late spring. Open, grassy areas with loose or disturbed soil or following burns; 0-1000(-2000) m; Ariz., Calif., Nev., Oreg., Utah; Mexico (Baja California). … (Click here to view the Cream Cup... Read More »

Moorehouse Mine

Updated Moorehouse Talc Mine near Ibex Springs, Death Valley National Park..... Read More »

Ashford Mill – Death Valley

Ashford Mill – Death Valley In 1910, Harold Ashford began work in the former claims of the Keys Gold Mining Company. In the mountains to the east Ashford and his brother worked the mine for four years without striking results. They leased the mine to B.W McClausland and his son Ross which led to the... Read More »


I had a year to prepare but didn’t  take advantage of it–Google changed the way the interface to their maps worked.  No big deal though–there are plenty of examples for me to work from now, so it is just a matter for changing the code.  Time consuming at the worst. Digital Desert Maps with Satellite... Read More »

How’s Your Weather?

New – Weather section on Digital-Desert.com Pages with local weather; temps, forecasts … http://digital-desert.com/weather/... Read More »

July 2013, Updates

Indian Basketry: “It has always amazed me…the first person that walked into the forest, and come out with a basket.” ~Vivien Hailstone (Yurok/Karuk/Hoopa Valley tribe) Lost City: Burrowing into the sandhills of Southern Nevada, archeologists have uncovered the homes and utensils of a thriving Indian civilization which existed 300 or 400 years before Columbus discovered... Read More »

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