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Breakfast on the Rocks

— As I write this it’s late, but not too late, so I can still say it was this morning’s sunrise breakfast. The menu consisted of a broken pop tart, a beef stick and two or three sips of ice cold water. I had eaten my banana in the car while driving across the valley in the dark; I washed it down with half a cup of lukewarm coffee. The service, self-service, was horrific. I think/hope it was a stick that somehow mixed in with my cinnamon toaster pastry. I sat on a rock that was a little too tall and had a slightly uncomfortable lump in an odd place. The tops of my ears were cold and I couldn’t feel the end of my pointy little nose. All things considered, the view, lighting and overall ambiance was sublime. I rate this breakfast spot 3 out of four stars and will be returning in the warmer weather.


Desert Sea

I went to throw myself into the desert sea;
to find isolation and solitude between the swells of the earth
and shifting light. 

Day to night, and night, and night as it echoes beyond the evening,
the storm calmed.

At critical mass, the moon then shifted the tide . . .
and the understructure,
the secret work in preparation for the next day had begun.

El Paso Mountains
El Paso Mountains

Community …

– I’ve noticed that community bedrock mortars are mostly located in the most beautiful and pleasant locations.Community mortar stone - Lake Arrowhead, CA

Community mortar stone – Lake Arrowhead, CA

Sometimes …

Sometimes when it is so pretty in the desert you just have to veer off the side of the road, slam on the brakes, raise a cloud of dust, get out of the car and just stare at how pretty it is.

Johnson Valley

Johnson Valley

The Creosote Bush: The One and the Many

The creosote bush is truly the unnoticed elephant in the room. If someone were to weigh the biomass of the desert Southwest, this species would certainly possess the highest percentage of life and we would find that a high percentage of all other life in the desert is dependent upon it, yet its importance in the desert environment goes unappreciated by both scientists and artists alike. …

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