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Malapai Hill

Malapai Hill, Geology Tour Road, Joshua Tree National Park
The twin peaks of Malapai Hill rise about 400 feet above the valley floor. The black basalt that composes the hill is …  click the photo for more information …

Malapai Hill - Joshua Tree National Park

 Malapai Hill

A Quick Tour of the Mojave

The Whole Mojave A-Z

The Mojave High Desert is one desert rather than a series of separate entities- That we are the same through the diversity that binds us. By becoming aware of our combined identity, we may be able to appreciate, and better understand issues affecting our Mojave Desert on a holistic level. In this presentation we meander back and forth across the Mojave Desert in photographs to illustrate this concept.

Map of Mojave Desert

Furnace Creek Sunrise

Sometimes you can get caught in an imperfect sunrise.  Sunrise shots don’t always work out.  Sometimes you just have to get out of it what you can–even if it’s just understanding you’ve lived to see another sunrise.