Trees with Warbonnets

Saltating sands
Fluvial braids
Eolian curves

Beauty, of course.
Lightly veiled; delicate and delicate
intricate and complex

set in a silver mantle
beneath blue upon blue
blue within blue
deep and forgetful
changing ever so gradually

extended wings
cupping the sky
and aloft
in flight . . .

feathers like fingers
fanning in flight
a single feather loosens and falls
twisting, circling, swirling,
and falling in the anonymous wind.

soaring above the mountain cirque
not a cloud can be seen
and always below

hot-headed leopard lizard
trees with warbonnets

snakes eat rats
then chase their tails
coyotes eat rabbits
then chase their tails
the desert lizards
eat bugs and each other
and wildflowers

Saltating sands
Fluvial curves
Eolian twists

—~ W. Feller