Breakfast on the Rocks

— As I write this it’s late, but not too late, so I can still say it was this morning’s sunrise breakfast. The menu consisted of a broken pop tart, a beef stick and two or three sips of ice cold water. I had eaten my banana in the car while driving across the valley in the dark; I washed it down with half a cup of lukewarm coffee. The service, self-service, was horrific. I think/hope it was a stick that somehow mixed in with my cinnamon toaster pastry. I sat on a rock that was a little too tall and had a slightly uncomfortable lump in an odd place. The tops of my ears were cold and I couldn’t feel the end of my pointy little nose. All things considered, the view, lighting and overall ambiance was sublime. I rate this breakfast spot 3 out of four stars and will be returning in the warmer weather.