A Story of Four Boys

Devil's Canyon, San Bernardino National Forest, Old Spanish Trail

Devil’s Canyon

One day a wagon train rolled in off the desert to San Bernardino. On this wagon train there were four sick and hungry Paiute Indian boys.

Each one of these boys was placed with separate families in San Bernardino, and each one of the boys, living in a good Mormon home, got better.

One boy went rabbit hunting with his foster brother. There they ran into the Thomas brothers who were also out hunting. One brother got into an argument with the Indian boy. They get louder and louder then the Thomas boy raised and aimed his pistol at the Indian and the Indian immediately raised his rifle and shot Thomas. He fell over dead.

Obviously, it was self-defense and no matter how they looked at it at trial it came out self defense. The Indian was acquitted and went free.

Sawpit Canyon. Old Spanish Trail

Sawpit Canyon

Life went on and things seemed as if things were forgotten and when it came time for the Indian boys to go home, an escort was provided for them. The escort was made up of one of the Thomas’ and several of his friends.

The party left San Bernardino and rather than going up the Cajon Pass, they took the old trail up Devil’s Canyon to the ridge then dropped down into Sawpit Canyon. The area was heavily forested and the young Paiute that had killed the Thomas boy figured out what was going on and slipped into the woods escaping.

Summit Valley, Las Flores Ranch

Summit Valley

The remaining three boys were brought down into what is now the Las Flores Ranch area and summarily murdered. Then they were decapitated and their heads placed on the top of long poles.

Not much was ever mentioned of the incident afterwards most, likely because the boys killed were Indian.

A few years later a caretaker on the property found two of the skulls. He took them and nailed one to each of the gate posts at the entry to the ranch. Being the braggart that he was, he would tell the story of the Indian skulls nailed to the gate and if an Indian wanted to know what that story was, they were welcome to come and an he would happily show them.

(retold from History of Victor Valley – Lyman)

Keller Peak Lookout

San Bernardino National Forest

Keller Peak fire lookout tower, San Bernardino National Forest— Keller Peak Historic Fire Lookout Tower —

Keller Peak Lookout, a historic fire lookout tower, was built in 1926 and is the oldest fire tower still standing in the San Bernardino National Forest.

The lookout is little changed from its 1926 appearance, and it represents one of very few fire towers in California dating from before the Great Depression.

Keller Peak is still used during the high fire hazard months, and volunteer lookouts are on-duty between May and November.

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In Regard to the Wind

Ma100_3266ny greenhorns, tenderfeet, other such neophytes and newbies believe the desert to only have two seasons- the blazing summer and the barren winter.  This is not entirely true. We have four seasons, but the differences between them are subtle.

These seasons are not marked between themselves by wildflowers blossoming, green summers, colorful fall foliage, or snowy winters, but by another power of nature—the wind. And no matter what the season, there is always the wind–the ever-present wind.

There is the Spring.  The air goes from warmish to hot and the days are windy, of course.  The Summer follows and its hot air dries and burns as the wind whirls and convects under the blazing sun. After the long summer there is an entire season we call simply, “Wind,” known to outsiders as autumn or fall.  Then there is the fourth season, the one we rarely speak of for fear of cursing ourselves. We call this season, “More Wind.”

It is in this 4th season in which the events that I wish to tell of occurred.

One windy day I followed a dirt road I had not traveled before. I drove by a ranch and on this ranch I saw a scrawny chicken laying an egg.  It was so windy in fact, that the egg rolled right back up into this poor bird and it laid the same egg again as I passed.

I drove further up the road.  It became even windier with every mile, and darker. I decided to start my way home. I turned on the headlights. The wind was so strong that it bent the beams right under the truck.  I could not see a thing.  After a minute or so of considering my options, I figured the only way to see where I was going would be to turn the truck around and back up all the way home.

So, as I am backing my way home I go by the ranch with the chicken I had saw earlier, and there the flustered fowl laid that very same egg two more times before slipping off into the dark of the windy night.

The end.

Rhyolite Train Station – 1931

Rhyolite Train Station — Rhyolite, Nevada — Burton Frasher – 1931

Rhyolite Ghost Town

On the Arrowhead Trail between Barstow and Baker, California

On the Arrowhead Trail between Barstow and Baker, California
Burton Frasher – 1930

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X Marks the Spot

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Zabriskie Point
Zion National Park


Huntington’s Station

Huntington’s Station was the first trading post in the area, and although Heber Huntington only owned it from 1873 to 1878, it remained known as Huntington’s Station until the the railroad came through and renamed it Victor. The river crossing with a few modern exceptions as the Narrows Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, and the cement plant looks much the same today as it did in 1872 when Mecham built what has become Stoddard Wells Road.

Mojave River, Victorville

Mojave River at Huntington’s Crossing


A Wildly-flowered Road

*** Favorites ***
A Wildly-flowered Road

Desert gold wildflowers along Amboy Crater Road

Desert gold along Amboy Crater Road

Amboy Crater, 2008