Geology & Natural Formations

Geology of the Stoddard Ridge Area

WEST CENTRAL MOJAVE DESERT, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY CALIFORNIA (Abstract) Stoddard Ridge is a prominent landmark south of Barstow California in the west central Mojave Desert area. The 35 square mile area was mapped in detail at a scale of 1:12,000. The geology is far more complex than depicted on all older published maps. The new... Read More »

Earth Abstracts II

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Earth Abstracts

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Defining the Garlock Fault

Step 1: Locate Garlock fault alignment Step 2: Review alignment transfered to overlays Step 3: Locate eastern end of fault. By word of mouth and small scale maps the eastern end of the fault appears to be located just west of Salt Springs, which is on state highway 127 between Baker and Shoshone, California near... Read More »

Stoddard Ridge (Sawtooth)

I had heard that the rocks in the Sawtooth area were of an unlikely composite origin.  So, I asked a friend to send me an abstract of the geology (as if I would understand it). The following abstract seems to indicate that the geologic complexity of this area is more intricate than even geologists previously... Read More »

Victor Valley Volcano

The Wheeler map made in the 1880s shows a volcano between what is Victorville and Barstow. The questions is; Is the “Volcano” either Stoddard Mountain or Bell Mountain?  So it looks as if the “Volcano” is nowadays known as Stoddard Mountain. Maybe next time; Is Stoddard Mountain a real... Read More »

The High Desert Illusion

Does this … … Blow your mind? — Cajon Junction (el. 2950′) at I-15 and Hwy. 138 is actually at about a 300′ higher elevation than Victorville (el. 2650′). The slope from the summit to Victorville is gradual, not as noticeable, and provides us with the illusion that we are further up than we actually... Read More »

Cushenbury Canyon

Mining History of Cushenbury Canyon & its Impact on the Victor Valley The gold discovery in Holcomb Valley in 1860 brought a rush of fortune seekers to the Victor Valley including some foreign interests.  The English  family of Del Mar’s had a significant impact on Cushenbury Canyon. Holcomb Valley miners affected California history by participating... Read More »

Trona Pinnacles – Favorite Places

Favorite Places – Trona Pinnacles: At one time, geologically speaking, not long ago, the Mojave had many large lakes fed by water from glacial melting. The Pinnacles show the most obvious evidence of this with its tufa towers extending to where the surface of the water once... Read More »

Rose Quartz & Rice Grass

I’m not sure about the composition of the Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Preserve. The link I provide in the following states that the dunes are from different sources, stacked together. Now, I have a freind that seems more than knowledgeable about these things, and he told me the dunes were made primarily of rose... Read More »

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