Earth Abstracts

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Wilderness Areas and Ecological Subsections

Example: (see below for links to lists applicable to this index map) Wilderness Area #34 Bigelow Cholla Garden Wilderness is located approximately within; Subsection 322Am – Piute Valley – Sacramento Mountains¬† Ecosubsections BLM Wilderness... Read More »


Pictorialism, an approach to photography that emphasizes beauty of subject matter, tonality, and composition rather than the documentation of reality. The Pictorialist perspective was born in the late 1860s and held sway through the first decade of the 20th century. It approached the camera as a tool that, like the paintbrush and chisel, could be... Read More »


KwanamisKwanamis The dream world was as important to the Mojave People as was the physical world. It was from this dream state instruction was given that would guide them to their destiny. The Mojave Warrior was as brutal and violent in battle as his enemy. Even more so, not only because of strength and endurance... Read More »

Getting Used to the Wind

Death Valley was having one of its periodic wind storms when the tourists drove up in front of Inferno store to have their gas tank filled. Hard Rock Shorty was seated on the bench under the lean-to porch with his hat pulled down to his ears to keep it from blowing away. “Have many of... Read More »

No Burro — No Gold

Sandy Walker, Desert Rat, says that in the desert a Ford lives 3 years – a dog 3 times the age of the Ford – 9, a horse 3 times the age of a dog – 27, and a man 3 times the age of the horse – 81, and some say a burro 3... Read More »

Victor Valley Volcano

The Wheeler map made in the 1880s shows a volcano between what is Victorville and Barstow. The questions is; Is the “Volcano” either Stoddard Mountain or Bell Mountain? ¬†So it looks as if the “Volcano” is nowadays known as Stoddard Mountain. Maybe next time; Is Stoddard Mountain a real... Read More »

Lizard Love

“… Then I walked out of the bar room Couldn’t even turn around I guess I know what they were going to do I knew what was going down It’s not a long way from the dance floor to the dark of the parking lot It’s kinda like love but it’s not.” ~ Kinda Like... Read More »


Study of sunrise on Mormon Rocks – [huge_it_gallery... Read More »

Chapter X: The Mojave Desert

An exceedingly interesting region of California is known as the Mojave Desert. The region is traversed for a distance of 100 miles by the Mojave River, from which it gets its name. The area includes Inyo and San Bernardino counties, and eastern Kern, northeastern Los Angeles, and northern and eastern Riverside counties. Death Valley lies... Read More »

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