Plant Life

Wilderness Areas and Ecological Subsections

Example: (see below for links to lists applicable to this index map) Wilderness Area #34 Bigelow Cholla Garden Wilderness is located approximately within; Subsection 322Am – Piute Valley – Sacramento Mountains  Ecosubsections BLM Wilderness... Read More »

Joshua Tree

Mojave Desert Plants: Trees Joshua Tree BOTANICAL AND ECOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS SPECIES: Yucca Brevifolia (Joshua Tree) GENERAL DISTRIBUTION Joshua tree is one of the most characteristic plants of the Mojave Desert and extends southward to the Mojave-Sonoran Desert ecotone. This species grows from southern California, Mexico, and western Arizona eastward into southern Nevada and southwestern Utah.Var.... Read More »

A Wildly-flowered Road

*** Favorites *** A Wildly-flowered Road Amboy Crater, 2008... Read More »

Nurse Plant

Nurse Plant: Nurse plants are plants that help other plant species grow by providing shelter, a safe microhabitat for seed germination and seedling growth beneath their... Read More »

Aphid Loaf

I have heard the Indians would go to the reeds in the riparian areas where aphids fed in large numbers, brush away the tiny bugs and scrape their shiny-sticky waste from the blades. En masse the material would be shaped into a large, heavy loaf with a hardness and sweetness similar to rock candy. In... Read More »

Illustrator of Mojave Desert flora

Henry R. Mockle (1905-1981), Illustrator of Mojave Desert flora Rather than documenting the structure of each plant species in scientific detail, Henry Mockle intended his illustrations to capture “the pleasurable feeling at coming up on one of these little creations”. As did naturalist Edmund Jaeger, Mockle took pride in all his studies of desert plants... Read More »

The Thousand Year Ballet

Migration- plants migrate. Plants are always looking for ideal conditions, conditions that help them live longer and better. This is a condition of life. Everything living does this. Inch by inch, foot by foot, generation after generation–plant populations move, march on toward better lives in more conducive environments. They adapt. They evolve. They move in... Read More »

Simply Nature

It is simple, really; the wind storms bring dusk early to the high desert. The airborne dust hastens the sunset, and the sunset goes deep and passionately purple. the wind rests and the day is over.  Equilibrium. The desert wind has played its joke. Move forward into the forever blue of the “Everything.” A long night... Read More »

Cream Cups – Wildflowers

Update to cream cup in the wildflower guide: Flowering early-late spring. Open, grassy areas with loose or disturbed soil or following burns; 0-1000(-2000) m; Ariz., Calif., Nev., Oreg., Utah; Mexico (Baja California). … (Click here to view the Cream Cup... Read More »


Interesting how a zigzag of light against a shadow will catch your eye while you look away from the low sun. Anticipation, is paramount; the shadows roll over the mountain canyons and ridges quickly. Observe it then. Blank everything else out and don’t look away. What you will see will never be the same again.... Read More »

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