11-year-old Kass, a desert girl born and bred, looks into a natural stream of water (Cajon Creek) for the first time in her life. She was amazed that there was so much life going on right in front of her–everything she could see was living!
looking into Cajon Creek
She pointed this all out to me as it was happening. She has such a wonderful sense of Nature. I’m so fortunate to have experienced this with her.

Updates: Generally Speaking

I’ve been going through updating sections like popular pages in the glossary. I am hoping to get things uniform and reasonable to navigate.

The important thing with this update is that I’ll be blogging future updates here instead of continually editing and uploading a static page.  Over the years it has become cumbersome and I tend to just let journal updates go. For now I’ve put a notice on the “Features” page redirecting to the “Updates” category  here on the Desert Gazette.

Just my thoughts – #34

If the Mojave Desert were a candy bar, it would be chewy with lots of nuts, and sometimes sticky, and melted most of the time like it was setting on the dash too long. It probably wouldn’t be too popular, but that’s okay because there would only be one, and we’d probably be best off if we shared it with those who would savor and enjoy and appreciate it instead of giving it away to those who would greedily gobble it up, poop it out, and go somewhere else to do the same thing to another candy bar.

Thanks for looking!