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Wild Parties

Wildflowers of the Mojave - pincushions, verbena, desert dandelions
Wildflowers; pincushions, verbena, desert dandelions, little yellow flowers, smaller white flowers . . .

It was crowded. It was colorful. It was riotous. It was like everybody brought their brother and his friends. When wild flowers have their wild parties everyone looks their best when they show up.


End of the River

Sink of the Mojave River, Afton Canyon, Soda Lake

Rather than growing wider and emptying into the sea the Mojave River becomes smaller and smaller finding its way in the sand between the cobbles and rocks curling into crescent -shaped dark meanders and swales transitioning to dry sand and finally, collections of same sized stones.

Mojave River https://digital-desert.com/mojave-river/